Thanks to CREATE DESIGN + ARCHITECTURE for inviting engineeria as speaker to their April’2018 Ideas panel discussion “BREXIT: What is the impact on the Construction Sector?”

Along with Omar Diallo from engineeria, a panel of guests from different disciplines were invited to discuss the subject: Abigail Banfield (Better Bankside), Adrian Girling (Graphisoft), Anne D’Hermy (MacFarlane Associates), Becky Armstrong (Eight Associates), Ben Fisher (Union Street Partner), Bryan Staff (CREATE Planning), John Wevill (Boodle Hatfield), Pierre Saunal (CREATE Design), Tim Makower (Makower Architects).

Hosted by CREATE DESIGN+ARCHITECTURE, in collaboration with Better Bankside and the British and Irish Trading Alliance, over breakfast, the discussion lasted two hours.
It was agreed that the consideration of the following ideas could be beneficial to address the impact of the BREXIT on the Construction Sector:

To Adopt a Positive Attitude: This idea proposes to adopt and communicate a positive attitude towards BREXIT.
It is acknowledged that the main impact of the BREXIT on the Construction Sector is uncertainty, which leads to a lack of confidence from an investment perspective.
The Construction Sector should therefore promote a positive attitude, both internally and externally. Implementing this idea will restore and improve confidence within the Construction Sector and the related peripheral or subsidiary industries.

To Look at International Opportunities: This idea seeks to increase the awareness on International Opportunities available for the UK Construction Sector.
The BREXIT is having an impact on the UK economy but it is important to note that other English-speaking economies, such as Ireland for instance, are progressing and could provide interesting opportunities.
The UK Construction Sector benefits from a worldwide reputation for knowledge, quality and high-performance, which will support UK businesses in gaining access to established or emerging markets abroad.

To Adapt and be more resilient: This idea promotes adaptability within the Construction Sector, to include change within business models.
The BREXIT is more a catalyst than a cause for the changes faced by the Construction Sector since March 2017.
Technologies, regulations, etc. are constantly evolving and did not wait for the BREXIT to do so.
It is important to keep this in mind to ensure that our businesses are following this evolution and our people are aware of the changes, to improve the resilience of the Construction Sector.