As a graduate of the 10,000 Small Business education program (10KSB) organized by Goldman Sachs, our Director and Founder, Omar Diallo, has been invited to participate at the Business 2030 conference 3rd October at Plumtree Court in London.

Outstanding figures such as Michael Bloomberg (Founder, Bloomberg L.P. & Bloomberg Philanthropies; Co-Chair, Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Advisory Board) and Richard Gnodde (Chief Executive Officer, Goldman Sachs International) had in a fireside conversation the future trends impacting small businesses, with a focus on sustainability.

During the same event, another panel assessed the major trends affecting small businesses over the next decade like sustainability, technological innovation and the future of the workforce.

The conference ended with a discussion about the ‘purpose revolution’ and three of the UK’s most pioneering social entrepreneurs shared how they are breaking conventional business models: Cameron Saul, Co-Founder, BOTTLETOP, Andrew Stephen, Chief Executive Officer, The Sustainable Restaurant Association & 10,000 Small Businesses UK graduate Alice Williams, Founder, Luminary Bakery.

“It was an honor to be invited to this conference and to have had the opportunity to actively participate in discussions of such important topics” says Omar. “engineeria has always been mindful to pursue business strategies that harmoniously integrate technological innovation and sustainability. As a civil and structural engineering practice, we feel the responsibility in consciously choosing materials and project designs that have a reduced environmental impact and high energy efficiency without going to affect the design, performance and productivity. We do care that our stakeholders acquire, through courses and training, the necessary awareness to make those choices in line with our values”.

10,000 Small Businesses is a fully-funded business education program providing high-growth small businesses across the UK with management training and helping them reach their full potential.